Monday, April 14, 2014

Yep, it's here.

Generally it's a nice thing when spring starts showing up, it gets warmer, trees start blossoming there's green and pink and green everywhere, it's lovely. And sunshine, not only are there more sunny days, but it's sunny for longer, that's awesome.

And then it rains. Then it a blue sky breaks out almost immediately but no sooner do you get done beaming on how quickly it cleared up do dark clouds show up. You walk away from the window and when you come back the sky is black, it's windy and raindrops are falling. 

And it rains, hard. Then it stops, it clears up and is quite nice again for a while. Just a while, a short while. And before you know it rain clouds show up on the horizon again, or more like are right there in your face getting thicker and darker.

You can see where this is going. It's been that kind of day. If nothing else it at least says that the warmer season or spring/summer is here.

It might storm tonight. 


Ronald said...

Hi Michelle, long time no speak! How's the weather? Grins

Michelle said...

The weather is nice. Not sure how it was when you posted your comment, but it's nice now, got sunny and warm again after a few days off, hopefully it will stay like this for a while. It was pretty good over the long weekend too, which worked out perfectly, I sat on the grass, and had pizza, and beer :)