Tuesday, April 01, 2014


Happy April all. Hope you're enjoying this lovely Tuesday, or whatever kind of Tuesday it is wherever you are, assuming it is already/still Tuesday there which would mean you're reading this near to when posted or, alternatively on another Tuesday, otherwise, happy whatever.

It is the first of April, of course, and you know what that means.. yeah, jokes and larks and japes of all kinds. I don't have either the cleverness or the botherness to come up with anything, let alone anything worse publishing today, so instead I'll behave in a generally foolish manner, that's kind of like breathing to me so I should manage it.

*puts penguin on head*

I'm about to be alone here again, if by alone you mean myself, a noisy little furry thing and the whole world of internet people out there, but not so much actual real life contact with actual humans, for almost a week..  so we'll see if it makes me go a bit loopy. It's not for so long, but I am, as has been pointed out further up, somewhat of a natural at the "foolish" and the "silly" so..

give it a couple of days I might come up with some sort of joke, late, but on the plus side it'll be better because you won't be expecting it.

Unless of course you're reading this and are expecting it.

ow! *takes penguin off head*

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