Monday, May 05, 2014


"Blog" is a silly shorthand for "web log": a journal published on the internet.

So says TV Tropes, which are not exclusively about television, but about in general, stuff. Media to be slightly more specific.

I'm wondering what's so silly about "blog". I would find "web log" quite cumbersome if it were used at all by anyone ever and seeing as I never heard the term until I read somewhere just what "blog" actually means I reckon I'm not the only one. If one isn't going to use the term "web log" and one isn't, obviously, one might as well say blog. It's only as silly as any other shorthand one might use, and maybe even less silly. I dunno. Depends on what other shorthand you could use for "web log", which sounds nerdier the more you say it.

I remember coming across someone's 'blog, where every reference to 'blog was just like it was written there, and before that, with the apostrophe. On the side where you have the profile and stuff they explained that they always write it with the apostrophe because it's correct, as it's an abbreviation, and they always write 'phone for shortened telephone.

Or maybe it just made me think of a book where the protagonist was referring to a 'phone, because it was written in the 1880s or whenever, and back then it was a new thing. Now, of course, it's a bit silly. Much sillier than the word blog. Of course, blogs are newer than phones, but still, it's a bit OCD. I mean, he is right. People get stuff wrong all the time, and with some of it it's correct to flip out and rant on about it..  Seriously, "loose" does not mean "to misplace/to fail at something" learn that, please... some of it, on the other hand, doesn't matter, and some of it, is correct but it's stupid anyway, and you should never do it, example, accents, or diacritics in English, eg résumé, that's stupid and annoying yeah the word was once French but in this usage it's English so just write resume for fucks sake. Maybe according to some authority on a language that has evolved from, borrowed, stolen, beaten, slapped, turned inside out and remodeled other languages since day one, which is changing by the minute in this information age, might say it's correct, but I say to that person, shut the fuck up, and you should too.

Oh and using apostrophes at the beginning of a widely used word because it's an abbreviation of a longer word which is either hardly used, or not used at all anymore, and in some cases really never was, is also stupid. Don't do that.


Ronald said...

It's simple for me. It's all about communication and style. And for me, style is about the richness and "music" of the text. Even text speak is acceptable in a certain context - u no wot I mean? Getting arsey over apostrophes is pedantically prickish! As long as the meaning isn't compromised, who gives a fuck?

Ronald said...

P.S. Nice one!

Michelle said...

You are of course, absolutely right. I'm not exactly a stickler for accuracy, or the rules, myself. I write whatever comes out, if it's punctuated somewhat correctly it's just a coincidence that how I feel like writing it is the same as how it's supposed to be.. according to whoever but let's not get into that now..

my point is, if I have a point, that there are very specific things that you.. meaning the general "you" should never ever do for reasons, those reasons being that those particular things are annoying to me for reasons that are unexplainable and irrational.

That's all.