Thursday, April 10, 2014

Left out in the cold.

It seemed that quite recently, I don't know if it was a year ago, a couple of years ago or when that a lot of people still used windows xp for their operating system. I mean this came out in like.. the 90s.. I think, or the early 0s I dunno, but a long time ago in computer stuff terms and still, a large number of people, I won't say most because I don't know, wouldn't have then and now it's just a "seems like" sort of thing.

Well windows didn't really come out with anything after that for a while, I don't think. Then there was this thing called Vista (I think) well anyway this vista was coming out and they were going on and on about it what a huge deal it was. That was in, well the 0s at least, something like 6 years ago or more, I could look it up but I can't be bothered. Well anyway everybody hated it, like literally everybody, so everyone went back to XP. Again, literally everybody. And I think a lot of people have continued using it after that. Then windows came up with something else, and maybe something else after that, I don't know, Windows 7 is one of them, or it, and it's on the other comp and it seems much like xp but updated and improved (I suppose I don't really know but it isn't completely changed so it's like, another language and it isn't crappier as far as I know) and.. um, much like xp, I mean when I use that computer I notice that it runs faster and has different stuff on it, because it has more ram, more space and has different stuff on it, but I don't really notice the OS, except for the shut down thing, that's a bit weird but it's mostly ok. I guess that's when people finally started updating and XP finally began to be a thing of the past. I'm guessing here, it just seems like it.

Well I still have XP, I'm just not one of the many anymore. Not as much as I was anyway. It's worked fine for me, no problems, but as of the 8th of April this year, which I found out due to coming across something randomly somewhere about a week ago, and a popup on my computer on the 8th of April, it is no longer getting support. Thanks for the heads up, Windows. I mean, yeah you told me but.. surely you knew about this before.. um, when I first heard it, which I only did because I happened to see it, and yeah, on the actual day I got a popup but..

well anyway it's no big deal. I figure I'll be able to use it for a while, got one last update just last night as I turned off the comp and, I don't even know how it will affect this. Maybe it won't at all. Then again maybe I should update. I don't know.

And no, I really don't have anything better to write about, hence the not actually bothering to write most of the time. Ok that's not the reason, you know that's not the reason because when I don't have anything to write I quite often do anyway case in point this very post but, I've lost my train of thought. Yeah, I should update it.

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