Sunday, September 18, 2011

*feels just fine and stuff*

So. Am alive today and feeling quite fine. Yesterday the rain held out.. though it was promised, and it was quite a lovely, predominantly sunny, warm, mid almost late September day. And some of our friends showed up to meet us though others we didn't managed to co-ordinate our times with. Sorta missed the gladiator stuff, or rather didn't get to get into the stadium to see it in all it's glory due to the popularity of the contest.. can you imagine... in this day and age!

However.. did have a few wacky incidences.. the hilarity of explaining to a friend where we were sitting, for almost an hour and 5 phone calls.. the trauma of seeing some parents freak out as their kid.. well.. I dunno, had some problem, and they called for the ambulance and a doctor and oh my, how stressful. He turned out to be ok..

Oh and we saw an elephant. This would have been the highlight, if a bulldog, who seemingly at first seemed like a very placid, nay, lazy dog, got a bit crazy at some guy in a toga who came around promoting, or whatever he was doing and they had a bit of a tussle..

weird day. Stayed late-ish.. had a fair of o burcak but not too much, and.. that's it.

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