Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Summer finally showed up.

And fuck is it hot! Really fucking hot.

I mean, I know, I should be pleased, this is what I wanted, the lack of this is what I've been moaning about for the last month.. but fuck! It's just too hot. It needs to stop.

Last night was hot, one of the first night since being here we had to have the windows open. Of course, it also had to be the noisiest fucking night since.. well.. since about moving in, there was some scuffle on the street, some hooligans, I dunno, yelling and banging things, our building I think.. then a bunch of people talking, the police and witnesses I expect.. and after ages when that died down there were numerous maintenance vehicles, very noisy ones passing by all night and early morning.. and people.. talking loud, yelling, being loud, yelling.. that sort of thing.

And it was hot. It's still hot, too hot, and in about an hour I need to put on a long dark coat and hat, and stand around for 20 minutes, hoping to fuck that tonight the tourists are not in the mood for walking around the castle for 3 hours.. otherwise I then have to.. yes, walk around the castle for the next 3 hours, at least 2 of which will remain really fucking hot, and the other which would be perfect for a lovely evening walk if you're wearing appropriate clothing for the weather, ie, not a long dark coat.

It's too hot, I think I mentioned that.

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