Monday, August 15, 2011

Living with Gunkiness.

So, the demon is still in the pipes, still waiting for the plumber/exorcist to come by..

it seemed tolerable to wait a little yesterday, and we didn't really want our Sunday... the first semi-sunny Sunday for at least.. er, a week but they have been scarce lately.. disrupted.. and we thought we'd manage with a quick rinse off shower for a few days.. and the toilet wasn't so bad at the time.

Well, now it seems worse, for various reasons, and the dishes are piling up in the sink because.. oh yeah.. the kitchen sink is part of this whole trilogy or triumvirate or whatever, and quickly rinsing off the few dishes we desperately need to do anything is enough to send gunk and mess gurgling out of bath drain. Oh and the toilet is totally not flushing again but you didn't want to know that. And there's other reasons, won't go into detail about everything though.

So, today I'm fully gunky. Don't need to go to work, and would have liked to go out and do some more shopping for the home and stuff but getting at least clean enough for just outside is too much trouble right now, so here I sit, in my own filth, feeling gunky. Just so you know.

In other news we did score some cool stuff, some furniture left by the dumpster which sorta coincided with stuff that if not necessarily what we most needed, is stuff we can use, so that's cool.

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