Monday, August 22, 2011

*feels a bit sheepish and stuff*

And.. it got me. I've been doing these tours for a while, been in the underground.. the really spooky bit lots and lots of times, and sometimes with very small groups.. and I'm never actually scared myself, despite trying to convince others it's so damn scary but..

People get scared often, sometimes we hear something that just possibly is not quite explainable, some people are just spooked from being in there, and at least once every night someone walks across one of the metal covers on the floor making a loud noise which freaks people out. A sudden noise after silence.. and then everyone realizes it's just the floor.. the tour equivalent of the cat jumping out in the horror film, which is foreboding for the real scary action.

Well last night this made me jump. I felt pretty silly.. the same fucking thing that happens on every tour, and it fucking scared me... how ridiculous am I? It was after some strange noises that the group seemed pretty weirded out by.. and tbph, I was a little as well.

Actually I lie.. just 2 nights ago, in there with 2 people we heard something sounding like the rattling of metal, which was weird, and alter while telling a story, one of them thought she'd heard that noise again.. and I did the condensed version of the story so I could get out of that room quicker.

So yeah.. I'm little scaredy cat :)

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