Wednesday, December 29, 2010

That halfway house they call... um..

what do they call it? They don't call it anything really, because it's not anything particular I'm talking about. I mean that weird time between xmas and the new year, where it's regular days, and it's sort of back to normal but there's that feeling hanging over you, that this thing everyone makes such a big deal about just came and there's this other thing coming that's sort of part of it so it's not over.. but you go to work like normal and if it's a year when christmas, and therefore the new year as well fall exactly on the weekend it's more than ever a normal week, but it's strange just the same.

Not that I go to work, really. Not that I've done any work, really, this working week.. well someone who I'm supposed to be working with is what I like to refer to as AWOL, so it's been checking emails and seeing if that site has got over the glitch so I can post stuff and it hasn't so it's been a typical week for me, ie, not working all that much at all.

My point is, it's weird. You thought I didn't have one didn't you? You thought that when I said "my point is" it would peter off and I'd admit that there isn't one.. but I have one. I might be getting better at this.

Well anyway.. that whole "writing proper" thing I wrote about will have to wait. Until next year probably.

Happy halfway house limbo or whatever.

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