Wednesday, December 01, 2010

At least I'm sure it won't rain, and there won't be any ants.

I'm going to be acting in a film tomorrow. First one I've actually been in all year, pathetically enough, but at least there'll be one to show for dammit. It's set, at least this part of it, the only part I'm in, outside. Somewhere out of the city, on a hill. We're supposed to be having a picnic.

Now, when these filmmakers made plans to film their stuff in late November, early December, I'm sure they weren't expecting balmy sunny weather, and were probably making a choice to take a chance that it would rain on those dates, but I don't think anyone expected this.

It's been fucking snowing. It's been continuing fucking snowing, it's snowing now, it's snowing heavily, it will probably snow tomorrow. The script will probably need to be changed to say we're going on, say a hike, rather than a picnic, but goodness if it isn't going to be fun out there. I think it's supposed to be -5 or below, so I'm really going to like that bit.

And I'm still not completely well, but I could be by tomorrow.. that is, if I don't go gallivanting about tonight in this freezing slushy mess. That wouldn't be a problem if I didn't have class tonight, and if it wasn't the last class of the term, and I really really want to go to it, though to be honest I really don't feel like going. Have you seen how much snow is out there? And I don't have an activity :Z

Life is hard.

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