Monday, December 20, 2010

Oh.. humbug!

It really doesn't feel a lot like christmas right now... I mean.. it didn't earlier anyway. Let's just say it hasn't been the best Monday.. and you know Mondays.. well, this has been a particularly crappy one.

But I sorta lie.. it's evening.. we have a coat of fresh snow outside and Erik's on his way back so...

oh who cares..


Ronald said...

There you go then, it just goes to show, grumbling is just a habit , and there are equally ( if not more) as many things to get excited about as there are to gripe about.


Michelle said...

hmmm.. I'm not so sure about that.. there is an incredibly large amount of stuff to gripe about.. I haven't even gotten a quarter through them..

but.. well, my mood has passed.. so, it's ok now.. there's carp on the streets, and there's beer. well there's always beer, but that's a good thing except for when it's not really a good thing.