Saturday, December 11, 2010

At long last, I get to tick off another item on the list.

Last night I had my, debut if you like, into the world of filmmaking. I mean.. I've acted in them before, and I've filmed stuff on my camera before, I've even filmed stuff that at a stretch could be something related to making a video that was worthy of calling something like filmmaking even though it's still on a tape that I can't access but that's not the point and I don't want to talk about it.. but I've never actually made a movie before.

Well.. now I, and others, have started. I didn't exactly have a huge part in the making of.. nor even much of a role in this bit.. but I did help come up with the original idea.. and was there when the general idea and plan was finally made, and then contributed some more as we met more times and changed it a bit.. and I provided pretty much all the equipment.. and filmed a little, and assisted the self appointed director somewhat with lights and ideas and stuff...

well I'm part of it. This is mine.. ours, not just someone else's I'm acting in.

It was kind of a mess, I mean, the idea was kind of a mess to begin with, and I had no idea how to do it.. but luckily one of our group.. the one who took upon directing duties right from the start seemed to have more specific ideas.. so we shot those. Then we shot more.. did it again, then again, did more.. some closeups. Not so bad for a first time job from pretty much everybody.. including people who've never even acted in films before.

Of course.. I have no idea what it's going to look like.. or indeed what it looks like as I haven't had the time.. or rather the nerve to look at the footage. It will be seen though.. I was clever enough to film it digitally this time.

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