Friday, December 31, 2010

A deep thought, just for a second...

Drinking shall commence very soon.

It's that time o' the year again, where we reminisce about the last 12 months, make plans for the next and mark the passing of the time thinking, drinking and being generally debaucherous.

I'll get to the latter stuff in a minute.. but first I must finish up business. Yes.. even I get serious some times, and as I listen to the early starters setting their rockets off.. I'm going to sit here and reminisce about the last year.. and make plans for the next.

Well.. the last year has been... I dunno. Done some stuff, not a lot but some. Very late starter it was, mostly the same as other years, didn't do much work or make much money.. went to a place I'd never been before that was a big deal.. and started acting class again. Finally acted in something in December.. and finally got around to my ambition of actually being the maker of a film even later than that in December.. with my collaboration in a very rough around the edges short film that no one's seen yet. So not bad. It covers last year's rez #3 except it wasn't one of those ideas I had, or my idea at all really but something new that I sorta helped in the coming up with.. but it's close. The work stuff.. forget about it.

I am proud to say though, that #1 I utterly rocked. I did a self portrait for every fucking day of this fucking year. And to celebrate, I shall present to you, number 365 o' 365..


For the next year.. I dunno, more of the same, more movies, acting in and making, better movies.. both again. Get a job, an actual job that pays money and.. well, just be super awesome in general.

I don't think that'll be much of a problem :P

See you next year!

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