Thursday, July 23, 2009

Things that suck, and things that in some way sucky if you look at them in a certain way..

Well wadda ya know. Vyšehrad really is just up the hill. I mean, I knew this, I just know now that it's a simple walk there. I wish I'd known before I walked up there yesterday evening. I set off in the general direction, very general as it were, actually the wrong direction. I had to divert myself around rows of buildings that had no break in them 4 blocks along, and found myself on a busy road. One them ones that's just for cars, and no trams or anything else. I walked and walked.. oh btw the way to Vyšehrad is all uphill, and even though I was going the wrong way, I managed to be walking uphill all the same.

I finally got to Pankrác, which is 2 metro stations the other way, but fortunately a station so I hopped on the train. The wrong one.. for some reason, but all I had to do was turn around and go back and I found myself in Vyšehrad before long... got out on the wrong side of the station, minor mishap.. then walked to where the castle grounds is at, and then walked around before I found the beer garden Erik's work people were at. Oh.. I didn't mention, I was meeting him somewhere he was having an after work gathering. It was big, crowded, there were people all over the place and some hanging out on the grass so I had to wander around for 10 minutes before I found them. After that it was cool... beer, nice view, a kitty on the top of some shack they have.

We walked home. You can sort of see where we live from the view up there so we went in the general direction. We went through some park thing, right under the bridge. When we came out we recognized the spot... just a block over in the park we always visit or go through, ie, very close. Right under the bridge we walked back on the last time we walked home from Vyšehrad. It's the opposite side of our place that I decided to walk when I went there. It didn't occur to me to you know.. follow the bridge.

So anyway, today I was finally going to get something done that I sorta kinda really badly need to do, well start the process anyway because it has the potential to be long and arduous. And I realize I don't have some very important papers that I really need and totally should have and fuck knows what happened to them they should be there so now I don't know how to even start going about it. With barely 2 weeks to get it all done so I don't have to worry about a certain thing I've been worrying about. That's the thing that really fucking sucks. The other thing was a little bit sucky, but overall amusing. And it's nice to know we're really kind of close to that cool beer garden.

It'll help when everything else falls out from under me. Assuming I'll be able to partake in the enjoyment of it.


Barry Leiba said...

I had a nice walk from Staroměstské Náměstí to Vyšehrad when I was there. My friends and I just headed over to Karlův Most, then walked along Vltava all the way. Very pleasant time.

Of course, you don't live in the neighbourhood of Karlův Most — I gather from what you've said that you're more in the Vinohrady direction. So it'd be different, yeah.


Michelle said...

Actually where I live is very nice as well, and Vyšehrad is the site of the original castle so it's a very old and interesting place. The walk there (if you go the right way) is quite lovely as it's hilly.. more fun on the way home obvs :) but it's generally quite pretty around here.

Barry Leiba said...

Oh, I didn't mean to imply that the area you live in isn't nice... only that walking to Vyšehrad along the river wouldn't work for you.