Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Being responsible and stuff

I'm busy this week. I did that important thing on Monday that I mentioned.. I think, and I'm doing part 2 of that today, which involves going to Brno. It's another city in the Czech Republic. Anyway I'm just there, do it, take some shots of the town square or whatnot and back. It should be pretty boring but kind of exciting seeing as I never go anyway.

Tomorrow I'm being summoned to České Budějovice to take some stuff to my parents that they dumped on me while they gallivanted around Germany. It's heavy, but I should be mostly on the train so it's forgivable. I'm to hang out there about 2 days with the rels and co. When I return Erik's parents will be here so we'll be doing the tourist thing with them.

Quite busy I am. And in unrelated news, it's fucking dustier than fuck in here! I'm sneezing and eye watering like crazy.. yesterday I tried to beat the mattresses and pillows to get the dust out and well.. we don't really have an outside bit here, and though the pillows can be hung out the window, and I took the mattresses into the other bit of the flat it's fucking worse than ever! Who'd have thought that sending dust flying into the air of this tiny flat would make people sneeze and shit.. huh? Fuck.

Anyway.. very busy, off soon.

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