Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ok now, why?

Just why the fuck do all train trips that are supposed to be just under 3 hours take 3 hours and 40 minutes?

Why the flying fuck of fucks do the fucking 1st class carriages have to be on the side that you come out of the station by, when your train's on platform fucking 5, after waiting in the line that some fucking woman used as a 1000 questions info stop to buy you ticket?

How the fuck come do people working in government offices need to tell you they need to check on some stuff that's pretty much greek to you (or official papers and forms Czech, which might as well be) and make you wait in the hall while they check it out?

Why the heavenly holy fuck are station maps completely fucking WRONG? And I mean it's wrong, not just that I can't follow maps properly and that's why I went the completely wrong way and came back and started again TWICE!

And why oh why on god's green earth are internet timetables for trains from Brno to Prague just wrong! And I mean wrong, like actually wrong, not like station map wrong.

And for fucks fucking sake? Why in the jesus fuck do canoodling not teenagers (no excuse people!) have to be right in front of the place you at first think is the street number you need, so you don't want to go and inspect it properly because they're there, so you walk past and then you go back cos you thought it was it, and it isn't so you have to go past them AGAIN to go up to where it actually is. All the time they're looking at you like YOU'RE the weird one, who like, doesn't have a right to be there or something. And get this.. they're STILL FUCKING THERE when you finish your business and go down the hill again! I mean FUCKING GET A FUCKING ROOM FOR FUCKS SAKE!


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I mean, fuck.