Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Not a bad day n a bit's..

Finished filming. Went rather quick really, and overall was quite relaxing and easy, sans mishaps. Well not entirely free of them, not at all free of them.. they just weren't the negative, screwing with one's art, holding everyone up, pissing people off sort of mishaps. Not to me anyway.

Started yesterday, I met them at the director's flat. It's a street I know well and have walked up for this very purpose before. I wondered if perhaps just I'd been to this exact flat before and lo and behold it's the same flat I shot a film in last August. One where I didn't say anything and gave a lot of spooked out looks. You know.. that one..

Right away we shot in the bedroom, it was dressed up as a doctor's office.. that went pretty quick and then we went out for a coffee and moving on. The coffee was good. We walked on and stopped halfway down some steps to shoot a scene. I managed to get some "stills" in this spot, so you might just get to see me recreating one of the famous looks from the film some time soon.

And on, to some sports centre which has a statue in front that we used. My job was to stare wistfully at it, regretting my lost youth and health. And we moved on.

The next scene was on a street, a couple of tram stops up. I look into the mirror in an art store window eating and ice cream and look at myself. I had a Magnum. Quite a good choice as they don't melt so quick.. and I did have to hold on to it for some time. I had to keep the licks small.

And we moved on up the street a bit, to Zelevskeho where there's a big reflecting building and I continued eating the ice cream there. All of it took some time, with the walk and the setting up and when we finally went to film all went well until my ice cream fell apart all over my skirt. There was a slight mishap as we waited for them to get a napkin so I could clean myself up a bit, but I got some good ice cream mess shots, as well as some reflection ones. There was more to shoot so they had to get me a new ice cream.

Then we went to the "square" where we met the other actress who was playing the ice cream lady. No, I'm not the ice cream lady.. I didn't get the idea until I saw her, we just shot that scene earlier.

So, they g0t her an ice cream and she ate ice cream and I watched her, with looks. We shot both from different angles and it started to rain. It continued a little in the rain but alas it neither stopped nor abated so we sought shelter in the metro.

A bit later we went back out, got a new ice cream for ICL and filmed more. She dropped the ice cream which for her was part of the script. Our director went off to get her a new ice cream, which her character does, and we hung about, I took a bunch of photos of the splat on the ground, and she started cleaning it up... which was a boo boo as the mess was needed for the next scene. So another needed to be got. They shot the scene and ice cream lady was done.

Next we did the tram scene. I sit on a tram, making faces and flipping through but not reading a book, and that's it. Went pretty smoothly, the exact time it takes to get to the destination we were going anyway, so pretty convenient. That was it for yesterday.

Today was the bath scene. I arrived at the flat.. another one. No one was there and I didn't recognize any of the names on the buzzer, so I waited, this is quite typical for film students, they never give you proper instructions for meeting them so you find yourself outside strange flats with no idea what to do. They need to sort this out!

After about 10 mins my director came out saying she'd burnt her hair. I didn't ask. Well I did when we were up about the 3rd floor and she said it she was lighting a candle. I think I said "oh".

I went in and they were lighting candles all around the bath.. I remember skimming over this bit in the script. They set it up, I came in to draw a bath and then found myself trapped in there because the camera was set up right in front of the door. This sucked because I wanted to get photos of the setup, but one can't always have everything how one wants.

The candles around the bath were melting like ice cream that's been made to wait on a delayed film set, wax was dripping and making shapes around the bath, and eventually getting into the water.

The bath was full and we shot. I sat, looked at the candles, looked at my toes, pretended to cry and this was the fun bit, submerged myself under water several times. It kind of sucked because my nose got full of water and well.. that just sucks.. and when you do it a few times..

It was full of wax, it didn't bother me, it was just strange. Some did drip down onto my toes as we were shooting a scene that featured them. She waited until last to film my toes by the way so you get to see them in all their shrivelly, wrinkly splendour. I did just cut my toenails though, of which I was glad.

We finished and I got out of the bath. She blew out all the candles to make it easier for me to get out of there, so I didn't get my shot of the lit up bathroom, though I got some of the aftermath, as well as some typical dorky in the mirror shots.

And we were done. I thought we were doing another scene by the river but for some reason it's not happening. So I came home.


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