Monday, July 06, 2009

*stretches.. comes to life*


Happy whatever holiday you're having, if you're having a holiday. I know the sepos had their big day and possibly are having a day off today to make up for that being on a Saturday.. which they do in some places I've heard. They don't do that here. It's kind of grumblesome because we have holidays on the 5th and 6th for some saints or whatever and of course one of those days fell on a Sunday this year.. and WE DON'T GET AN EXTRA WEEK DAY FOR IT! It wouldn't make a difference to me really but as I like to hang out with the SO or whatever you call them people these days it's a bit annoyin.. that's nothing though.. last year the 5th and 6th fell on Saturday and Sunday! Fucked up! The many years before that these days fell on weekdays and it holidays meant nothing to me except for days where everyone you're trying to do business with is away and everything is closed so the timing is particularly shitty.

Anyway.. it's actually cleared up a bit, we've had only minimal rain and overcastness for the past few days so by next weekend we might be able to go on a longer walk without the likelihood of being rained on. I'll let you know if that happens, and I'll take pictures.

My parents are coming tomorrow. Not sure what time, or if I'll met with them until Thursday or Saturday or when but.. I'll see.

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