Thursday, July 09, 2009

So the rents are here.

I'm not sure that's right, the proper way to say it would be "the 'rents". Or I could just say "my parents" for maximum clarity. Actually I prefer "those who spawned me", which is how I introduced them to Erik (the partner, bf, so "man friend" as I like to say) when we met at U Draka, the Dragon pub.

So I met them at the metro, took them to U Draka, we ate, drank some wine/beer/coke/mineral water depending on which of the party we were and the time we were drinking. It was pleasant. They told us all about what they've been up to, London, Paris, Amsterdam, cruise, Budapest, Croatia.. etc etc. And we told them about, well, me not much but Erik told them a bit about himself.

Yesterday we had lunch in the centre at U Medvidku, the bear pub and walked around the centre.. very slowly as my mother had to stop and photograph/film nearly everything she saw.. did I mention these people spawned me.. and in the evening we went to the flat they're staying in for dinner and to pick up the goodies they brought me. Clothes and stuff and some Vegemite.. a pretty good deal.

That's about all really. We're hosting them here for dinner tomorrow, so I should clean up a bit..

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Barry Leiba said...

I've always called mine "the Old Folks", probably because I grew up in a time when one called one's father one's "Old Man". [I note that the parallel term didn't work well then: one could call one's mother one's "Old Lady", but that tended to have the connotation of meaning "the woman I'm balling" (another term of the time), so using it to refer to mum could be very confusing, indeed, in an Oedipal sort of way. But, um... I digress.]

In any case, having the 'rents around is always a bit on both sides, isn't it? Somewhat fun, somewhat stressful. And they always manage to say the things that make you feel like crap, and then pretend they didn't mean to. He-he-he.

(And people wonder why I've never wanted kids....)