Friday, August 22, 2008

We're here again..

It's the wrap up o' the week.. or is it the rap up? Still an unsolved mystery that one.

Monday and Tuesday I was in a film. It was wonderful, terrible, exhilarating, painful, satisfying, exasperating.. and a host of other emotions... ok not so much the negative emotions, and really, it was as mostly pleasant experience with a few small anxieties, I'm satisfied I did well, but am still wary of looking a bit silly in places due to the nature of the film. I was playing a less than glamorous character, in fact a particularly slovenly one who hasn't left home for ages, so I wore no makeup for filming, and there were a lot of closeups, so being just the slightest bit vain, I'm not sure I want to see myself blown up to cinema size at the screening. I might just wait to get the dvd. Anyway the film was fun, and I finished earlier than expected both days so I was able to write about each day's filming when it was fresh in my mind, so no need to re-recap it further.

*wracks brain to think of anything else I did all week*

I did the usual, worked, fussed around on the internet, got involved in the Next Biggest Group on Flickr after the original Biggest Group went all haywire but nobody reading this probably really cares about that.

On Wednesday me and my beloved had a dinner guest, our first ever since he moved here, and it was quite successful. He made middle eastern type food, which is he quite familiar with after living in Israel for 4 years, and had beer and fernet. We ate, drank and chatted, and danced like dorks to 80s radio.. and a good time was had by all, and Cooley the cat, who is usually really shy with new people and runs and hides from them at first, wasn't the slightest bit scared of our visitor and seemed to like him right away.

That's about all of note, I hope that the weekend will be pleasant and that next week will be at least as, or even more interesting than this week. Happy weekend to you all.

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