Thursday, August 07, 2008

Pick o' the week

We come to Thursday in the inaugural week of my new experiment, and today, and hopefully many Thursdays to come, it's the pic or rather picture of the week... and of course the pic/picture will be the "pick" referred to in this title... get it? Of course you get it because it's not the least bit clever.

So what I will do is choose a photo, most likely from my flickr photostream and do the old "caption this" game. I know I'm being ambitious going with something interractive here, seeing as I haven't been getting a huge volume of commenters lately.. but what the hell.

In future I'm going to try to use a photo from the previous 7 days, but as this is the first I will go with any old shot. This, is any old shot.

Giving em an air out?

Be clever. Or be stupid, just be.


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erikland said...


There, that's better

Ronald said...

Olaf Von Vertigo's - the world's most incompetent high-wire artist - first and last, death-defying stunt!