Friday, August 29, 2008

Actually having a weekend..

It is coming up to what we in our culture generally refer to as the "weekend", a time which normal people usually use to do something different than the "week", when they're required to work, and a time that usually isn't that much different for me, well that's not true because since I've been living with Erik I spend the time with him as he has a regular job, but that's not the point.

The point is we're having visitor's, Erik cousin and her friend, and we're picking them up from the airport this evening, and will be doing touristy stuff over the weekend, and may even go just outside of Prague for a day trip one of the two days which make up the weekend.

Bit of random though not unrelated trivia, do you know that in Israel the weekend consists of only Saturday and Sunday is a regular work day? It's true, something to do with god. Well, they get sorta Friday off too, depending on the week. I'm sure other people could explain it better.

Here's Cooley.

Scrappy Cooley..

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