Friday, August 15, 2008

Rainy Friday rambling on..

It's raining today. That's not such a surprise, but it's quite cold too, much colder than yesterday, and it's raining and overcast all day, as opposed to being sorta cloudy, quite sunny then storming for an hour and stopping and becoming sunny again, all while being very hot/quite warm. Oh well.

I notice blogger has changed the design of it's dashboard, it appears to be all the same stuff, but more streamlined and cool looking. Fair enough.

It's time for me to star in a movie again. Well.. time for me to star, I will actually be the star of this one, the only human in it actually.. except for a voice. I don't actually have any lined so I have to express and stuff. It's ok, it will be a challenge and if I'm any good everyone will be all impressed which is the main part. I will be shooting on Monday and Tuesday, so I have to analyse and get to know my character over the weekend.. so I can be deep and stuff. For real.

For some reason the blogger spellcheck thinks that ok is a spelling mistake. Odd.. I always find strange non-mistakes caught by it, I would be inclined not to trust it if I didn't know better.


Ready to pounce Kitty Nice kitty A new kitty Zorro Kitties in the sunlight


Anonymous said...

The the cats! I already know you are both deep and real! Break a leg....

Michelle said...

Thanks. *blushes* I'm really looking forward to this one, it sounds pretty cool.

Ronald said...

I think the news of your impending stardom deserves a triple-woot. Three woots for Michelle... hip hip... woot!hip hip... woot!hip hip... woot![thunderous applause]