Monday, August 11, 2008

Starting the week afresh..

It's Monday, the sun is shining, the birds are singing. Actually it looks like it might rain.. whatever, the main point is that it's a new week, so it would be time to start my new system a-proper if it wasn't for the fact that last Monday I was busy introducing my scheme and didn't actually include an idea for Monday itself.

So.. gimmick of the day for Monday shall hereby be... WORDS. A word.. Word o' the day if you like. I shall pick a one of the daily words I get daily.. (yes, I get them daily strange that) and will dissect them.. or whatever.

But today, in my what I can call a tradition if I like, of not following the rules I create for myself just yet because it's the first time, I'll just talk about a words, different words, a few particular words and their appropriateness to their function.

I will start with the word phonetic which troubles me. The entry says..

pho·net·ic - [fuh-net-ik, foh-]

1. Also, pho·net·i·cal. of or pertaining to speech sounds, their production, or their transcription in written symbols.
2. corresponding to pronunciation: phonetic transcription.
3. agreeing with pronunciation: phonetic spelling.
4&5. etc etc etc.

So, in general, the word is to do with vocal sounds and such, but what I am concerned is with my interpretation of the word, which is no fault at all of the ancient Greeks or whoever originally meant the word to mean what it originally meant, but as I said, it troubles me. When I hear the word "phonetic", I usually think of definition #3, the one about spelling.

Do you see where I'm going here? Now, the word as it sounds, should have no effect it's suitability for a word which describes CORRESPONDING TO PRONUNCIATION, so I guess I'm incorrect in saying that the word itself troubles me, and once again, no disrespect to the ancient Greeks (or whoever) for if indeed this was one of the original meanings of the word.. I'm pretty sure they weren't the ones who decided to SPELL IT THAT WAY!!!

If you didn't get the irony before, I'm sure you do by now. A word, which spelling a word how it sounds, is spelt ABOUT AS UNLIKE HOW IT SOUNDS AS YOU CAN SQUEEZE INTO ONE SMALL WORD!! So.. in short, they fucked up. They being the deciders o' spelling with all their p,s and h,s and letters that don't sound like f, amongst others. Unless it's a joke in which case hardy fucking har har.

Ok enough about that How about a really cool word that is just perfect for it's intended meaning. I came across this one about a week ago, it is...


and can you guess what it means? Bet you can't, ok.. here it is:
1. Given to or characterized by the use of long words.
2. Long and ponderous; having many syllables.

A long word.
Isn't it brilliant? And so suitable! I totally have to figure out a way to work into conversation.


Ronald said...

The english language psucks.

Good word, sesquipedalian

I'll meet that with tatterdemalion

1. a person in tattered clothing; a shabby person.
2. ragged; unkempt or dilapidated.

and raise you callipygian

having well-shaped buttocks.

Michelle said...

tatterdemalian.. what a perfect word! I need to use that too.. now if I can work both that and sesquipedalian in one, I'm really clever.

I'd almost forgotten the word callipygian.. I remember now it's an old favourite of yours. I wonder why :)