Friday, August 08, 2008

It's just too easy..

We come to the end of the week.. that is if we don't include the weekend which I haven't decided yet if I'll be including in my new system.. anyway, after the astounding success of yesterday's gimmick to try and make people comment (yes I am being sarcastic) today I will be going back to the usual I-write-and-people-sit-there type of post. Which I was going to do anyway...

so.. being that it's Friday, which already has a tradition out there in the mainstream blogosphere, the random 10, which I've used a few times.. and the cat blogging which I've been doing recently.. so I may or may not use one of these for future Fridays.

This Friday, I have a kitty.

Bless you my dears..

That's Cooley under there, in case you wondered.


Ronald said...

You write. I sit. But then, remarkably, I write too. So you're wrong. What's all this about "the random 10"?

Michelle said...

The Friday Random 10 is a sort of tradition in the blogosphere, you play all the songs on your computer at random and write down the first 10, I did it a couple of times, but gave up because it got too embarrassing... even for me :Z either that or I'd just cheat and selectively choose the ones I thought represented me better :) and it gets to be more of the same after a while..