Thursday, June 15, 2017

Up in the air.

Hello down there, how's the weather on the ground? I speak to you from my long time home, here in the air. I visited you down there recently, thinking I might stay for a bit, but here I am again.

I have visited solid ground many times, over the years, actually lived there briefly a few times but somehow I always end up here. I make the mistake of thinking, again and again, yes this is it, this is permanent, I can relax and plan things and have some kind of orderly future. Silly me, I keep forgetting I'm me, who that is not for the likes of.

I'll see in a week or so, if I'm still here. If I move further out into the abyss (another place I've spent an awful lot of time and quite frankly like less than this thing air here) I won't be terribly surprised, though that would involve me knowing what's going on, and that's pretty unlikely, so I reckon I'll still be here. In the general sense of "up in this air here" which is a large area that I move around a lot, so I'll probably be over there but not down there with something solid beneath my feet.

I'm kind of like those kittens, I think, up high and who knows what's happening.



Anonymous said...

Well, having one's feet off the ground is infinitely preferable to staring into, or being inside, the abyss. And sometimes, having one's feet on the ground isn't all it's cracked up to be. You're a dreamer, and that's cool.

Michelle said...

Yes, true. And I do not wish to insinuate that the air itself, or floating or flying or those sorts of things are in any way negative, it's just that.. um, well my metaphor was for being up in the air, so that. Being up in the air because one wants to be, having some control over the matter or deciding to fuck it and go floating is one thing, but being kept up in the air by everyone around you when you need to get things done, that's another. That's more the sort of thing I'm very vaguely sort of describing. Basically people keeping me waiting around and not telling me what's up. Not knowing if something is going to continue being a thing, that sort of thing. Of course, I was back to my old vagueness, so perhaps it was not easy to tell.

Anonymous said...

My fault.

I'm thinking that the vagueness you speak of, and being kept up in the air, are inherent in the dramatic arts especially. Isn't there a more than usual load of bullshit being flung around?

Michelle said...

Yes, I guess so, but in my other pursuits, that is anything I'm trying to do at this time to accrue enough money to survive on, it's present as well. In fact the example I'm mostly drawing from is a position serving beer and other beverages to the patrons of a particular establishment which I either have or have not some long term employment with.

Not sure why I'm being so wordy at the moment, perhaps it's a phase.

*tries to think how I could have said that with about 20 more words*

Anonymous said...

Yay and verily, your loquacity doth go well with your accompanying cavalier-like picture.

Michelle said...

ta ;)

Anonymous said...

You're welcome. Be my guest. It was my pleasure.