Sunday, June 11, 2017

Classic Me

At home waiting.

I'm waiting for any information on what happening with me. In more ways than one, but the one which takes precedence over the others right now is the bar. Oh yeah I sort of maybe started working at a bar, so far I'm still sort of on trial, maybe they don't see it that way but I'll see it that way until I've done a couple of shifts successfully and then probably for another about 6 months, we'll see.

Anyway, I was supposed to do a shift. I showed up half an hour before opening, it was all locked up, and either no one was there or deep inside. I had no phone number for anyone because we've been corresponding on Facebook, having only a dumb phone, that doesn't help.

So I waited. Time went by and it came to opening time. Still nothing happened. I tried the gate a few times, and checked to see if it looked locked, it did. I'm sure it was locked, I swear looked at all the possible openings.

I tried calling someone to get the phone number of someone who I thought he might possibly have because people know people you know, and some of those people know people. Couldn't get through to his phone, so I waited called again, didn't get through waited called again didn't get through waited called someone else who was with him, spoke to him. He didn't have the number.

All the time thinking, what is going on? Is this my fault? Is the gate really locked, I mean it's supposed to be open now they wouldn't have an unwelcoming looking gate in front of the closed door when they're supposed to be open anyway and is this in some way my fault? How can it be my fault?

I know it's in some way my fault, or it will be seen as such.

They couldn't have expected me to open could they? I mean, I don't even really work there yet/maybe not even.

I could do nothing but come home, send a message explaining it to anyone who's contact I could find. And all there was to do was to wait.

Anyway, got a message back while I was writing, so it wasn't my fault, but damn, these vexing sort of things keep happening, like I said. Classic me.


Anonymous said...

Shit happens to everyone.

Michelle said...

Yeah I know. It's just my personal stuff seems to be this bewildering sort of thing, being kept in the dark about everything, being led around by the nose until I'm left on my own to just flounder aimlessly. Something like that. I sort of repeated that again, looking for a place for a brief job I did, after an incomplete Facebook communication. I seem to have a lot of those, I could blame Facebook, because the other thing I did today, went pretty smoothly. Oh did I happen to mention I'm really busy all of a sudden. Strange how that happens.

Anonymous said...

"Busy" sounds terrifying. I avoid "busy".

I do like a bit of activity though. I tried Chatous for the first time earlier, and I have to say, it failed to meet my expectations, though maybe from the perspective of potential chatters, I failed miserably. I have the feeling I'd have fared better if I was 40 years younger, stripped and waiting with cock in hand! Just a feeling!

Michelle said...


well I kind of like being busy but I also like when a busy and actually productive day is over and I can really enjoy doing my lazy stuff, I feel I earned it. And doing stuff gets you money at least some of it, which is good and kind of necessary. I know little of this Chatous of which you speak.