Monday, June 12, 2017

Kittens update.


No update, nothing, bugger all. Those kittens remain secluded, sequestered away by their overprotective mother. I think. I'm beginning to wonder, for about the 4th time, perhaps the 6th or 8th, if there are any kittens. They've moved further behind their wall which has somehow been realigned by a cat. I don't hear them, I don't ever see any signs of them. Cecily keeps behaving as if there are kittens but she might just be mad for all we know. I have thought this before as well.

It's been so long since she had them, and since I've seen them (again) that I don't even remember there are kittens most of the time, by now they should be completely taking over this place, front and center of our whole world. These little furry babies have to be getting to the age that they need to move about, to go out and explore, see the world! And I want to see them?

Anyway, I'll continue to update you. Or not update you.


Anonymous said...

Aren't kittens supposed to get onto substantial solid foods by this time?

Michelle said...

Probably, perhaps Cecily is sneakily going out hunting for them. We can't really go up to the loft thingy and drag them out under the nose of a usually very sweet and cuddly cat who changes to vicious if you get too near to her babies, how near that is depends on the time, but it happens.