Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Apologies for the outburst

Yesterday I posted ranting, raving, emotional mess of a post, with all sort of ugly thoughts and intentions to the world. I apologize for that. It was uncalled for. I mean I meant it, whole heartedly and fully and absolutely feel everything I wrote with a passion, for the world and for you, dear reader, who doesn't have my problems and has stuff that I should be the benefit of and yes I hate you and you suck, but it was most unbecoming and I should not have said it.

There is enough of that in the world these days. Am I to behave in such a vulgar manner with no thought of propriety, letting all of those feelings (which yes, are just and true and I have them and they are eating me up) just rush out instead of keeping them repressed, as a decent, respectable (which I'm not actually so it doesn't really apply to me but still) member of society does. Oh sure these young "millenials" everyone is going on about live their lives on Facebook, instagraming selfies, and letting every thought from the mundane to the morbid out to the world, but does that  mean we all have to?

No it doesn't. And as a mature member of society it behooves me to behave like a lady. Someone has to, these kids aren't going to do it for me. Therefore, from now on my conduct will be more what it should be, upright, decent and respectable.

Ok then don't laugh.


Anonymous said...

Free speech is the order of the day, so letting the world know of one's thoughts and feelings is allowed. I mean, if such things were prohibited and repressed, what would become of the dramatic Arts in Film, Theatre, and the Novel? Imagine a world which allows the likes of The Telly Tubbies, Smurfs, and Mr Men only! So complain on, let it flow :)

Michelle said...

Yes, you're right. Though some great art has some from people sharing their thoughts in limited circumstances, fantastic metaphors and suchlike. Belgium! I mean, fuck is funny, but in some ways Belgium might be even funnier, in any case, it does make the brain juices flow. Not that I'm for repression, count me down and utterly against it. Still... some people...