Thursday, June 22, 2017

Drill drill, hammer hammer, clang clang.

This is what I live with every single day all day! Well most of some of the day most days. Still it's a lot, and it starts early. Every day.

They're fixing up the hallway and the door downstairs and retying or something or rather, or all of them. They come in, do some work here, leave it and do some work there, and go on their way of an evening leaving tiles piled up and rubble in the middle of the landing exactly where you need to step to get down the stairs, buckets and dust and chocolate bar wrappers on the stairs, until such time as they get back to doing that particular job, which seems to be after starting and leaving at least 2 other new jobs, some week or week and a half later. I may not be exact, but it's something like that. The scaffolding they had up in the entrance of the building for a month was actually used the first, second and last day, again, it may not be that exactly, but something like it.

And oh the noise. Did I mention drilling? And hammering, clanging banging, loud conversation right outside our door. It's loud, and it starts early. And we have babies here? Little cat babies who need peace?

It looks/looked like this. It sounds worse, but I probably don't need to subject you with that.

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