Wednesday, May 03, 2017

My mission.

I'm here to write about writing, for what else would I write about? Well, stuff, hopefully, but not yet.

Last year, the year of our Lord 2016 I wrote a total of 16 posts. For the whole year. This year has been more productive as far as the blog goes, and I think I've passed last year's total already, possible did about a month ago, so there's not much to aim for with that, but one thing I can do is aim to beat last year's total in one month. I'm not going to promise to post every day of this month, I'm already doing that with the video thing, and that's full of useless filler videos with the occasional somewhat thought out and time consumingly edited useless cheesy video and I don't need quite so much of that in written form, so I'll go with about half of that. I will write at least 16 times during this month of May, 2017.

That's all I wanted to say.


lekkerman said...

Good luck with your mission.

Michelle said...

Thanks, will do my best. Although, I did set myself a quite easy mission for a reason :).

Michelle said...

I just realized I made an obvious and stupid error, I wrote 17 posts last year. It's right there on the sidebar so I must have been thinking of.. the year itself? I dunno. Anyway that's one extra post for this month.. can I do it? We'll see.