Tuesday, May 30, 2017

waiting and waiting

Along with worrying and whining I'm waiting. Waiting for something good, waiting for life to begin again, waiting for one of these fucking increasingly rare and far between mostly crappy opportunities to actually work out, waiting for this heat to break into a full violent storm which perfectly illustrates my life at the moment and whether the breaking of the oppressive, stifling heat or the wild and destructive storm is the more fitting metaphor remains to be seen...

waiting for these kittens to come out!

You may remember, about a week ago, I posted about some new visitors. These visitors are kittens, born on a crazy night, next to me in my bed and then moved upstairs to the loft next door. I mean, not next door next door, the little upstairs bit of the other room which is now off limits to humans. So that's where they are. It was decorated with blankets and a mattress on the side by the wall in anticipation of her needing a place to give birth, and the blanket off my bed was added, so they're very cozily situated somewhere up there.

Everything calmed down a few days after they were born, Cecily stopped being so aggressive and attacking man human feet and we're able to go near the door of that room or right in the room without getting growled at.

We waited. Left mummy cat to it, and didn't think so much about the kittens, tucked up their, in their little attic. Heard little mews occasionally, very occasionally, a few times I was worried because I didn't hear anything, then I heard a bit of something, then I didn't hear anything for ages and I'd worry, then I did again, and then I didn't hear anything for 2 days.. and well, this went on.

They're just over a week old now, and until half an hour ago and hadn't definitely for sure heard anything from up there that is definitely a little baby cat, but then I did, so I know there are kittens. Or at least a kitten. And I think they know where they are, she has them tucked way away all securely, more than I thought they were which may explain why I can't see them (even when I very naughtily climbed the steps almost to the top of the loft which I really shouldn't do) or hear them very often, but the point is, they're already a week old! Kittens don't take that long to grow? When are they gonna poke out? When are they gonna start running around and playing when are they going to let us play with them? When can I get some photos of them?

I want my kittens!

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