Monday, May 01, 2017

Happy May

It's a holiday again. The first day o' May, and I was working all day. Ok ok, don't fall off your chair, I was really working. Real hard type work, standing serving people, making sandwiches and stuff. Well just sandwiches, and only partially making them. Taking money, ringing the thing into the thing even though I didn't know what people ordered most of the time. Apparently I did ok, I felt I was flustered and floundering and forgetful, which I was but first day yanno. This might be a thing I could be doing semi regularly, along with teaching, proofreading, acting sometimes even and modelling. Yes, I'm a model, did I tell you that? Not a real one, don't be silly, just one who gets her kit off for an art class. It's something, and it's money.

Between the lot of them, or at least between the ones that have some chance of continuing and being done with some regularity, along with whatever else might come along if I keep looking, I'll probably be ok. Not great but ok.

I'm gonna have to be ok with ok for the moment. Greatness comes later.


lekkerman said...

Serving people sandwiches is a compulsory entry on an actors resume (CV). All the greats did their stints in the service industry, so I'm expecting to see you interviewed on all the chat shows when that success comes your way :)

Like I said in my last comment, I'm knackered so I'll bid you a good night!

Sweet May Night dreams!

Michelle said...

fair enough, fair enough, I reckon my resume has enough typical actor's jobs on it already, but another can't hurt. Maybe that's what the trick is, you can't just have been a waitress, a tour guide a teacher and a shopping center mascot who gets tormented by kids, you need to be a waitress a tour guide a shopping center mascot who gets tortured by kids and a sandwich maker, of course then you maybe have to be a waitress a tour guide a shopping center mascot who gets tortured by kids a sandwich maker and a nightclub bouncer, but maybe that's not enough, you also... ok ok, there has to be some limit before you get to actually be an actor, at some point there simply isn't enough time to do any acting, it's gotta stop somewhere!

lekkerman said...

Tell me about the nightclub bouncer, sounds interesting.

My favoured snooker player didn't win. Doncha just hate it when your luck is such that you cant even win a fucking argument? Or am I looking at it the wrong way? Maybe I should adopt an eastern style philosophy, along the lines of "shit happens so don't fight it!"?

I can't take my eyes off your hat. With a hat like that I feel something big just has to happen!

Michelle said...

the hat is cool, unfortunately it's not my hat, just a hat I wore for a bit when I had my photo taken by a photographer that had a genius artist moment and decided all the photos done that day were wrong, this was one of the few salvaged, still the best photos I have of me, think what might happen if I got a proper photographer who did it right! Or maybe I'm the problem..

anyway, need more hats. I had a really cool hat once but I lost it, I've never been able to get that cool hatness again.