Thursday, May 25, 2017

Speaking of milestones

I done 100 of these.

 I'm not sure I was talking of milestones, was I. Well here's one I mean there's one.

update: I didn't really do 100 videos as I accidentally left out #74, so this video is my 99th video. It's a sham!

update of update: I have now done 100 videos.


Anonymous said...

Well... you demonstrated a competence with cinematic framing and editing. And best of all, you were in the video, looking great as always, despite having holes in your jeans :-)

Michelle said...

aw jeez, thanks. I've slightly altered my project or whatever it is since #100 though. Well, I'm not really doing it, I sort of quite strongly intend to continue doing regular videos, just not necessarily every day. Might even get a subject that ties it all together but probably not. Purpose isn't really my style.

And actually they're not jeans, they're sorta legging things. Totally torn up but I like them and they're useful and for some reason it's impossible to find something as simple as the same type again.

Anonymous said...

I've noticed a global trend in female fashion, whereby they make the item current by exposing flesh, either via a tear or a purposely included gap. It wouldn't surprise me if it was called "hole-istic fashion" :)

Michelle said...

perfect... you should mention it and repeat it all the time and maybe it'll catch on.. you will have coined the expression for a fashion trend, which let's face it, has been around for a while, probably at least 30 years, on and off and always buzzing in the background, and I expect it will be popular with at least some subculture or other for some time yet. Of course, it probably already has a name, or several. Still, yours might rise to become the most memorable.