Tuesday, May 23, 2017

I think I done it.

I haven't yet, but assuming I will put an adequate number of words in this entry arranged in a manner that generally pleases me enough to hit post before the computer freezes up the electricity goes out or I die, or any other calamity that may befall me that would for any reason prevent me from posting whatever bit of writing I will end up with, I will have done it.

I will have 17 posts for this month, equal to the number I did in the entirety of last year. Of course if I don't count the photos, shameless links to videos and other posts which otherwise are devoid of any wordy content, I'm not quite there yet. If I'm not going to include the ones which are all made of words but nevertheless devoid of subject, quality, themes, that sort of thing.. I might be a while.

I'd have a drink except I don't have a drink.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your recent arrivals, and also for meeting your target :)

Michelle said...

thanks.. one bright light in a sea of darkness.. well 2, or 3, I mean 4, nevermind. Hopefully we'll get more lights in here, this couple of empty bulbs is insufficient for the current situation.