Thursday, May 04, 2017

I assure you, that I am most certainly, under no circumstances, a robot.

I may have some characteristics in common with what is generally thought of as a robot. I walk upright, I have hands, I speak English. I'm even able to solve problems, and the odd equation, all on my own without any extra technology. However... I'm not a robot. Despite being upright I have a soft, squishy sort of form, which bleeds when pricked, and needs food for fuel. I speak in lilting, uneven tones, and well, to be honest, to solve any more than the most simple of equations takes me time and usually some help. I like music, I cry, I breathe. Basically I'm an organic being. A sentient kind of the genius homo and the subspecies homo sapien sapien. I had to look that up in order to be certain I'd get it right, and not look stupid. That is very uncharacteristic of a robot for at least 3 different reasons.

Now you (that is the universal "you") know. And specifically blogger, the site I am writing on now, on the blog created by and signed in with password by me, this non robot human person. I've given ample evidence for myself not being a robot, so you don't have to keep asking me.. kay? Oh and by the way, even if I was, then it's still my blog and as already mentioned I already signed in so, trust me, I'm me.

Glad we settled that.


Michelle said...


Michelle said...

just as I thought... blogger isn't convinced..

what does one have to do to prove that one is an organic being!