Tuesday, June 09, 2015

*feels all hardcore and stuff*

I've just done like, 6 days in a row, and 2 of them sick! *feels all proud and stuff* *coughs* Best thing about it, apart from the actual being sick bit, is now I have some days off.. ooh luxury. Of course, I need to spend the majority of the time learning a new script that I need under my proverbial belt by Friday, which I won't, but I have to, but still, after getting 2 large groups the last 2 days, exactly when I was feeling light headed and woozy and really didn't need that, it'll be good to not have to leave the house and engage with real live people for a while. Now that's luxury. Maybe I'm in the wrong profession :/


Anonymous said...

Hello young lady! I'm one of those "non real" people, you know, the online kind, remember me? :)

Anyway, I'm almost proud of you after hearing of your stoicism, nay, courage, in the face of adversity. Keep it up :)

I know I kind of requested you kind of entertain me, but after two double gins, I'm feeling a bit squiffy, so I'm off to bed.


Michelle said...

Well, not trying to imply that you aren't real, per se, more that I'm not under any pressure to do anything resembling work and be entertaining and remember and/or think of stuff and come up with witty replies and all that for your benefit..

oh wait... *scratches head*

Anonymous said...

Well, you do make an effort where I'm concerned, and there's a lot to be said for that. Don't you just hate those sites where there is a "like" or "love" button, which people click rather than take the trouble of telling you precisely why they like your efforts? If they can't be bothered to write, I'd prefer they didnt bother at all. I feel all indignant now... ** feels indignant ** so I might post about it...

Michelle said...

yeah.. I hate those sites!

well, sometimes I like to be lazy, instead of another "cool" or "great pic" I prefer to fave or like... of course, when I get a ton of them and no one bothers to comment at all, I do get a microscopic bit irate.

so yeah.. hate em! *shakes fists at them*