Tuesday, June 02, 2015

I might actually be working this season.

It's not that I've never worked before. It's not that I haven't ever worked hard, or done a good job, or done many hours, either in one go or many shifts or.. actually the last 2 are rare. If they happen it doesn't last long. This time I might actually have something resembling a full time job, if only for the summer months. I really shouldn't be saying this because every time I begin to feel confident or think I might be kind of good at something, that's when it all falls apart, so I'll just say "might". Probably not. In fact, almost certainly not what am I talking about? I was talking about something? Are you sure because I don't remember saying anything. I must have been imagining it. Well anyway, hope you're having a nice evening.


Anonymous said...

I have a suspicion that when things begin to fall apart for you, it's probably because you've been walking on pavement cracks. Didn't you know, that's a sure fire way of niggling "The Gods"? Be careful where you tread in future!

Michelle said...

Ah, that would explain it. I mean, if cobblestones count, then definitely, Problem is, they're kind of hard to avoid.

Anonymous said...

Have you considered using stilts? I'm thinking if you whittled down the ends into a point, with care, you might be able to navigate the cobblestones. But it's occurred to me, if you're living in a dead cool medieval-cobbled-road-type city, you're asking for a bit much to want your life to go swimmingly too! I mean, think of all those who live in towns such as Grimsby, or Kidderminster! Us less fortunate types can only dream of cities like Prague, and at best, spend a weekend break there.

I'm kidding of course. I don't really think you're a whingeing Aussie :)

zobe kenobe said...

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Happy blogging