Friday, June 26, 2015

What do you know, it works!

This whole ignoring stuff I just want to go away seems to be working out for me. I've managed to keep something back there wherever it is for about 2 weeks now, and nary a moment a day do I briefly worry about it. Of course, new shit keeps coming up and I unfortunately am forced to be privy to and that does vex me, at least at first I have a rather poor reaction to things, but, in time, if I'm lucky I'm able to vanish the thought, and continue on in my not great, not even really good but ok in some ways way, without too much crap at the forefront. I think I'll continue doing this. It would be nice for something actually actively good to happen as well.. still waiting for one of those. That's really all.


Anonymous said...

"Shit" has a habit of rising to the surface of consciousness. I find it best not to fight it, but to acknowledge it, then, gently re-focus on something else. Eventually, the shit doesn't smell so bad. Works for me.

Michelle said...

ok, I'll do that then