Friday, November 07, 2008

The things you notice while you're waiting..

I was in the post office earlier to pick up something. I went in, got my number, made myself comfortable and observed the numbers that were coming up. I had 365 and after a couple of new ones showed up there was 360..

so.. it slowly goes up.. 361, 362 in between all the other lines which go through much more quickly.. of course, when 512 comes up. It was up to about 363.. so I sat, watching the numbers.. and the next one up is 514!

Then mine came up and I did my business.. but I wonder.. was it deliberate.. do they not have tickets with that number for a reason..



Barry Leiba said...

364: the number of the wildebeest!

Maybe it's just that someone stole their "364" ticket. You did return your tattered 365 to them, didn't you?

Michelle said...

Well.. actually there was a ticket 364 because it came up immediately before mine.. during the long wait. I don't think there's any particular fear of wildebeest here, guess there's a difference between here and where you live :)