Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Well that was quick.

he "that" that I am referring to is a certain person getting their ass literally whipped in a certain recent Presidential election...

ok, literal is perhaps not the right word..

carrying on, I knew about it right away at about 5am.. I was awake, not up but not sleeping due to nursing a headache from staying up almost that late and drinking. I got a call from someone who was still up and drinking and watching the election saying he already had enough seats for a win.. so good on him. The "him" I'm referring to being Barack Obama, future President of the United

And yeah, I know I was anything but quick on this, having stayed up late (but not that late) last night, and drinking, and nursing a hangover pretty much the whole day. I'm mostly better now, and just wanted to add to what I'm sure is a chorus of yay Obama out there.

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Ric said...

Not "seats" technically, but electors for the Electoral College ( But most Americans don't understand it either. It's kind of a screwy way to do things in the 21st century, but...