Tuesday, November 18, 2008


It's really great having this boyfriend guy around. Not only is he gorgeous, wonderful company, has a cute kitty and makes great lasagne, but he encourages me to do stuff. I mean, I never used to do stuff, and yesterday we had this holiday here.. I dunno something about ending communism or whatever.. but anyway people who have proper jobs got the day off (ie him) so we decided to use the opportunity to go and explore a bit more of this fine country we live in. We went to Plzen which is famous for not much except beer, but beer's good enough for us so off we went.

It was fun, we saw the brewery, got to go to "The Pub", not just as pub, but "The" pub, for which I felt honoured, we got to pour our own beer, or in my case foam, but I'm easily amused so I enjoyed the novelty. And other stuff but that's already been written about so I'll leave it.

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