Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Happy November

It's a big day for the US and by extension the world.. as that's the way it goes.. being that big "election" thing going on. Now, I am not going to at this late stage go on about it at length, seeing as I'm not American, I don't really do that.. and I'm not really good at that analysis politicky sort of thingamy stuff. I'm just going to say that hopefully that Obama wins because.. well, lots of reasons, he's pretty good, and the other mob, between them, have run a pretty horrid, insulting campaign, believe that women's "health" is something to be put in quotation marks, belong to churches that believe in witches, and think that redistribution of wealth.. even when talking of taxing very wealthy people a tiny bit more, is somehow a universally bad thing. Amongst other things I could add if I'd have been paying attention more.

In short they're a couple of wankers.. but on to something more important.

There are new blogs out there! And ones that have been around for ages but are new to me.

The “Blog” of “Unnecessary”
Quotation Marks


Literally, a Web Log

lowercase L
In case it's not bleedin' obvious, these blogs are all dedicated to punctuation related dorkism... so if that's what you're into..

I of course leave the best to last. For the dorkiest, the coolest, the most magnificent.. read Erikland, it's about stuff. Run by a charming gentleman who lives here in Prague, with me actually :) and he rocks.


Erikland said...

Today's a big day too.....since we are now into Obama's post-victory celebration!

And thanks for the link :)

Michelle said...

Yeah.. it's fuckin great isn't it? Wahoo!