Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Well fuck.. wasn't that fuckload of fun..


Will it never end. No sooner do I get finished fucking carrying all my shit, heavy as fuck, up and down stairs, or in fact before I even finish fucking doing it, because, yet again I had to go an extra trip with heavier than expected shit.. I try to login to my email and I fucking can't.

I try and try again to no avail. I know I didn't forget my fucking password because my browser automatically puts it in, and it's right every other fucking time, but I click the "forgot password" and go through a bunch of links that are exactly no help to me. I try to get it sent to my alternate email, but it isn't in the inbox of the email I thought it was most likely to be and it's not there. I try a bunch of other emails, all the ones I can remember and it isn't in any of them. I go back to google help and they have links to click on that give you a one sentence answer to your potential problem which was exactly useless, then they have the nerve to have a survey question saying "was this answer useful to you?", unfortunately they only have "yes" or "no" as answers and no FUCK NO which is what I needed.

They tell me I can't try to answer my security question for 5 days, which seems a bit FUCKING POINTLESS, I mean if someone hacks into your account it's really very useful to give them 5 FUCKING DAYS to change your security question.. not to mention why they expect you to wait so long to get into your bloody email..

So I browsed through the help section more, hoping to find something useful.. I filled out one form for "my account as been compromised" which asked me a bunch of questions I didn't know, and sent it off and received no reply. I tried to find a direct email address for help and there was none, the only thing there was was a google help group.. so I joined that and asked my question.

All day I waited, for an email or an answer to my question in the group. During the course of the day I realized that some fuckrag, some festering butt boil, yes you you fuck.. you know who I'm talking about.. was using my email and replying to people.. at least one person. This rather pissed me off.

Nothing all day.. bugger all.

The next day I started getting some answers in the group, some useful, most not and all taking very long. I was getting paranoid that this fuckbrain would send out weird emails to my contacts and other stuff.. so I wanted them out of there fast.

My blogger id is connected to the same email, so I couldn't get in, and then I saw that fuckstain had added some stupid shit on top of the blog.. well, at least that gave me a chance to look at my site meter to see if I could get an idea of who this monumental fuckwad was.. sure enough he made it easy as shit to see where he was from and the ip address and exactly when he'd fiddled around with my blogs.. not that it helped me much at the time(or at all), but it was somewhat satisfying..

well anyway.. I filled out more forms, waited, waited and waited.. checked other emails and whatnot to check if they'd done anything diabolical, and went to bed.

Today I woke up and no change, but after an hour or so I got an email giving me the link to go into and get back into my mail. It all seemed to be there, and nothing too dreadful seems to have occurred so in a weird twisted fucking shit that sucks keeps happening to me sort of way I guess I'm lucky, especially for this shitty month which unfortunately isn't the fuck over yet.

So there you go.


Ronald said...

Look on the bright side, Jesus loves you, and more than likely wants you for a sunbeam too. Aren't you the lucky one?

I think hackers, if caught, should receive an appropriate punishment - hacked to death!

Yo sister!

Simon said...

I bet you are really hacked off.

Not Afraid to Use It said...

Oh my god. What a fucking nightmare. I hope you get the bastard. And his little dog, too.

Michelle said...

Yes.. I was royall trucked off. I will get that guy's dog if I can. I will make it wear silly jackets and parade it around town.. that'll teach him!