Sunday, January 20, 2008

Dammit, do I have to go through this again..

It's moving day. Well, it's not exactly moving day because I officially move out tomorrow. Well, not officially, the official day was the 9th but I wasn't ready and the landlord wasn't ready so...

I move out tomorrow, but I won't be moving so much stuff because I have (thank goodness) moved most of it already. In that sense moving day was today, because though I've been moving bits of my stuff slowly over the past week, it's been too small bits and too slowly (thinking I didn't have that much stuff really), so today, intending only to move one not too heavy bag in the morning, but bringing a bag that turned out to be actually quite heavy, leaving enough stuff to intend to go back for another trip during the day, I ended up going back and forth 3 times, with very heavy bags and an extra lamp, or not quite so heavy bag.

If you managed to make sense out of that rather long sentence, pretty much most of my stuff is here, the "office" where I am moving to. It's a long story and I don't want to talk about it, but I have not so much left in the flat, so I'll get up early, bring one bag of stuff including a small but still sort of heavy television, and meet with the landlord, give the keys, bla bla bla and come here for once and for all (yikes!) with a small bag of stuff.

And then figure out what I'll do next.

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deanbcurtis said...

And then figure out what I'll do next.

Try to take over the world?