Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I'm calm

So.. that seems to be wrapped up, I've moved out of the flat, had the final meeting with the landlord and it's all over with, I've got control of my email address and I'm in position of a camera.. my internet is even working and nothing else too traumatic seems to be going on. In fact, not much has been going on around here at all. Sure all the minor (for me) problems that are so ever present they don't even rate on the disaster scale anymore are buzzing in the background, but nothing worth mentioning is going on, so I won't mention anything.

I just have to hold my breath and do nothing for at least another 30 hours, hope that everything stays dull and eventless, because for me that's about the best it gets. For now anyway.

After that I might think about doing something. Something fun, or something useful. I'll think about it then, when I breathe again.


Ronald said...

Camera, email address, and a fully working Internet. Had the Buddha been alive today I'm sure he'd have included these as part of the path to contentment and enlightenment. Who knows, he might even have blogged. I bet he couldn't have called it "The Buddha though". You noticed, you think of a great name for an alias or a blog site and some fuckers already beat you to it?

Wow! 30 hours without breathing. Must be some sort of record.

Michelle said...

Well.. I haven't done it yet.. still got 12 hours to go..

*gasp, then goes back to not breathing*