Sunday, January 06, 2008

Another wacky adventure

Well that was fun. I went out to go across the road to buy a few drinks, on this, the first snowy evening of this season, just threw my coat over my "hanging around home clothes" which I was wearing because this morning when I came here after getting up very early to get fabulous photos my clothes were all wet from trudging around in the snow..

anyway I got the drinks and came back, put my key in the lock and tried to turn it. It wouldn't turn. I tried again it wouldn't turn. I kept trying and it became clear that it was stuck and wasn't going to do anything, nevertheless I kept trying, with my gloveless hands that were getting raw from the cold and from fiddling with the lock. No one was around, and no one was trying to get out, so I stood there, pointlessly fiddling with the lock for some time. I was angry, frustrated, worried.. I was cold. I was busy, I needed to be back upstairs staring at the computer screen wondering what the fuck to do with this website I'm supposed to create and worrying about moving and stuff.. I couldn't be floundering about down there!

Then I buzzed, because I didn't have my phone, as I'd just ran across the road to the shop, so I buzzed the dude upstairs with the sprained ankle. He said he'd come down and help, so I waited. And waited and waited. Then finally a sound came from the other side of the door. He tried to open it from the inside and I tried to open it from the outside and neither of us achieved a thing.

Anyway, he called someone, that dude came after ages, fiddled around and couldn't fix it, he called someone else to call someone else and we kept fiddling with it. Finally he called someone else who said they couldn't do anything so he called someone else and I went and sat in the bar. I was

And that was about it because before I'd finished my beer he came and told me he was done. I came back and now I can get back to worrying about this website that I don't know what to do with and moving and all the other bullshit I have to deal with this month.

Oh and look at my photos. Did I mention that I got up really early in the cold snowy morning to get fabulous photos?

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