Saturday, August 18, 2007

That all done then..

I may have mentioned the last time I spoke to you that I would be largely absent this week due to being in hot demand as an actor for a bunch of student films being made..

well.. I was largely absent this week, due to being in hot demand as an actor.. it was for a bunch of student films being made for the PCFE film school here in Prague.

A quick recap of the week:

On Monday morning I played a young lady, a sort of social climber, kind of useless but ambitious for her boyfriend who was an academic. He was more into the ideological side of things and exposed a Professor who was stealing money, lost his job and she left him because she wanted to be the wife of a big shot. It was filmed in a flat nearby, and I got coffee and some croissants and thingies from the bakery.

After lunch I went to the film school to meet another guy who wanted me for a small role for his film. It was about an artist, and I played a snobby art gallery owner who turned up her nose and ridiculed him for being a deranged psychopath who thought he saw visions of the future and painted them.

Tuesday and Wednesday I was free, because though I was obviously the best actress around, (as well as the best looking, most charming, and most fun) the filmmakers, being predominantly men, made films about men stuff, and my roles were not the central ones. I was only needed for 1 out of the 2 days it takes to shoot one of these films. It's just as well though, for if the female roles had been bigger and I'd been needed for the whole shoot, I wouldn't have been able to do half these films, and then what would these poor directors have done?

Thursday I played a woman who'd been pickpocketed by a young man. She followed her thief to a bar and confronted him, seduced him, slept with him and stole all his stuff. I got a beer and lunch at a restaurant out of it.

On Friday I played an interrogator. I was a woman who runs a business extorting money out of people. Myself and another guy (who is in my acting class) were interrogating a man, the same one who played the artist I was rude to earlier in the week, and asked a whole lot of silly questions, took turns being sweet and being aggressive and we did some improvisation. It was difficult and when I was called on to do it I thought I wouldn't come up with anything, but I did it, and quite well too. This one was definitely the most fun to do, and I also got lunch. Oh and I got paid better than for the other films. Did I mention I got paid too? Well I got paid too.

The films should be edited and ready for screening by next Friday.


Barry Leiba said...

Very cool! I'm glad you had fun, I'm glad you got paid, too, and... let me know when they'll be coming to a theatre near me!

Anonymous said...

OMG i bet you had so much fun doing Thurday's role....


Michelle said...

I had fun doing all of them, particularly the interrogation. I'll make sure I get my hands on copies of all of them and put them up somewhere so everyone can see them.. unless I see myself and think I look terrible and stupid and all of that and am too embarrassed for anyone to see them...