Sunday, August 26, 2007

If I could get more deals like this...

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These are my toes. Aren't they pretty? Well, they're more than just pretty, they could possibly become my meal ticket, and if that sounds kind of icky to you, it's probably because you're not a sick perverted fuck, like the gentleman who left this comment..

Oh my! Im sure you must get this a lot but both you and your toes are just so amazingly beautiful! Simply just perfection! You are just a true foot goddess and probably dont even know it! haha. ..And yes, by now m sure you can guess that I have a bit of a foot thing, though there is much to be respected and admired about a woman maybe this one seems odd, but thank you for sharing the pic and your open mind and non judgement of it.
Ok, that's not all that weird, though he gets me wrong if he thinks I put up photos of myself and my feet for some weirdos out there to get off on, but nevermind.. the next one is better..

And this may seem like an odd request but would you maybe be willing to sell a pair of your old socks or shoes from those gorgeous feet of yours? Perhaps a pair you were gonna throw away anyway? I realize this might seem like a strange request but I promise Im a very nice person and Id be willing to pay very, very well for them? Would $100.00 be okay? Please? Thank you for any consideration. You can contact me at thanks again
Ok it's weird, but what do you think? If I could pick up a few more similar fetishists I could rake it in! Get a few old socks, get them smelly and sweaty and sell them, for $100 a piece! Once I get famous I can sell them for more. I don't have so many socks but once I run out I can buy a bunch more for say, about $1 each, and make quite a decent profit. I just have to wear them in for a while.. I can even take photos of myself wearing the socks, and send a signed copy.

I got this one figured out.


Anonymous said...

Ew... that's disgusting... what kind of person wants the soiled socks of others? I'm sure God didn't make them (or at least give the idea of making them) for that purpose. They're intended for wear* by one person, that's all; although they may be used by others if thoroughly washed.

*Excepting for adolescents males (and the occasional older guys) who wank into them.


Barry Leiba said...

Hm, maybe you should ask him what he'd pay for your used tampons. I mean, well, why not?

Ugh. Geez.

Gorilla Bananas said...

You could earn a lot more by selling pictures of another woman sucking your toes. I wouldn't buy them myself, but have a look at this.

A Simple Girl said...

I say go for the cash and don't judge...we all like weird stuff. Who care if some dude beats off to your feet!

Anonymous said...

well the only thing i would worry about is that if you actually send/recieve anything from this person he could possibly know where you live. You may wake one night to find a large harry man sucking your toes.

But hey, if you can find a way to do it w/o direct personal contact go for it!