Friday, June 15, 2007

Another one under my belt..

I made a movie yesterday. It's number 2 for the group, which I made a film with late last year.

This one is a bit weird. Well they're all a bit weird but this one is weird in a weirder way than the others are weird. I play 1/3 of a woman. Or 1/4.. not sure. I'm confused.

Anyway it's sort of surreal. I'm part of a woman who is battling with a decision on whether to get married to the man who is the father of her baby. That's all I'm gonna say.

We met in the early evening, at the station and went off to a nearby park to film the scene. It was a hot, bright day so of course after getting there and setting up (which consists of sticking the camera on tripod and putting it on the ground, but nevertheless), and deciding on a position to film, which was 3 of us sticking our heads through tree branches, rain drops started falling.

So we went back to the director's flat and filmed our bit there, sort of learning our lines as we went. The rain stopped and we went outside to film the proposal scene, and came across a charming bit of forest by his place so we scrambled into there and filmed it. Back to the flat to film some more surreal bits and about 10pm we finished. Then we had to watch all the footage we'd filmed. I would be lying if I said it was very good. Fortunately, being a surreal story he's going to edit it with a lot of effects which will hopefully obscure how bad the film really is. I shouldn't say that. It is true though.

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Pavel said...

Are you going to put the results on the net once it's finished?

Do you prepare some scripts for your movies? Or do you just improvise?

And well, you said raindrops started falling. I've been on my way to Holesovice that time and I haven't seen such a rainfall/storm or what was it for quite a long time.